Hi! I’m Nandini.

I’m an HCI researcher and interaction designer pursuing a PhD in design from RMIT University, Australia. My research focuses on designing interactive play experiences for human gut health engagement using structured and unstructured play. I’m a student at the HAFP Research Lab at RMIT University, Australia, under the supervision of Dr Rohit Ashok Khot, Dr Jessica Danaher, and Prof. Elise van den Hoven.

I’m passionate about interdisciplinary collaborations that utilise play-based interactions to break down complex topics, with a focus on user experience and embodied interaction design. I find interdisciplinary collaborations spanning health science, nutrition, game design, and embodied cognition sciences exciting, mainly where the focus lies in design and its translation into real-world user action.

The future of HCI research and interaction design in the context of play, human health, and well-being is promising. By embracing interdisciplinary collaboration and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we can design engaging and impactful play experiences to engage with and learn about complex bodily processes, promoting opportunities for a deeper understanding of our health.

My background includes an under graduation in Sociology and a Master’s in Business Administration. I draw from my interdisciplinary background to carry out my research projects. My work has been nominated as a finalist in the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards 2021 as a finalist in the student design category. It has invited the press including Herald Sun, and National Tribune, and radio talk shows including ABC Life Matters leading to general public interest on the topic of gut health and engagement through play.