I’m a PhD student at RMIT University, Victoria, Australia. My research investigates the design of playful technologies to understand and raise awareness on the factors that influence human gut health. I’m curious to understand the role of playful design in facilitating a space for the understanding and reflection of health information in users. 

My methodological tools for exploration include research through design that follows an iterative design process involving ideation, prototype and testing. My mode of inquiry involves in-depth interviews and observation. I enjoy interdisciplinary research and believe in cross-collaboration with colleagues from diverse disciplines to conduct well-informed user-experience research.

I enjoy the process involved in the translation of complex science topics through play. I believe such translation can have real-world impact on the decision-making surrounding human health and wellbeing. I’m interested in opportunities that focus on interaction & user-experience design research at the intersection of play, cognition, human health and well-being.